Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Omelet Evolution II

A big improvement over my last omelet, this actually tasted like a real French omelet. Sporting a delicate texture on the outside, it was somewhat creamy inside. I achieved the improvement by turning the heat down slightly and stirring in a spiral fashion from the outside toward the middle. The spiral stir made it so that the middle, which is the last part to cook through, is stirred last, and I think that's how Jacques does it (time to study the video again).

You can see the only problems in this picture: it stuck to the pan, and the process of working it loose made it a little ragged. Very likely I overcompensated for the excess of butter last time by not using enough this time, and that caused the sticking.

However, while my omelet skills seem to be improving, I have to work to make sure that my health doesn't take off in the opposite direction. As I attempt to improve, I've vowed to eat omelets only once a week and ideally no more than twice. Once I've become practiced enough to create a good-looking omelet without added ingredients, I also plan to fill them with copious amounts of vegetables. I hope these precautions prove adequate, but I'll alert you if my weight or my blood cholesterol suddenly spike upward.

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