Thursday, August 6, 2009

Devil Cat

No, this isn't Devil Cat. This is Rocco, who was forced to hide out behind our furnace for several hours, waiting to make sure that Devil Cat was really in custody and no longer stalking her and her litter mate, Jasmine.

This is Devil Cat. Doesn't she look sweet? But don't be fooled, because in real life she's experiencing her second bout with possession. Normally the sweetest of cats, she'll suddenly decide that she must maim or kill anything else living in her domain. You'll think I mean the normal type of fighting that breaks out between house cats, but I'm talking more the type of fight-to-the-death territorial aggression that happens between rival male cougars in the wild.

She came down with a new mess o' demons this last Monday. Since then we've had to keep her garrisoned in the downstairs bathroom by herself, until such a time as a successful exorcism can take place. Last time this happened it took several weeks, and yes, I do periodically let her out to test her just in case she's suddenly decided to let the other cats live. No luck so far, and I feel bad about it, but I feel worse when the cats are made to bleed and suffer. And that includes Spook, because Rocco and Jasmine do put up a fight.

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Mary said...

Devil Cat? But she seems so cute. Poor Spook is really spooked!