Friday, February 13, 2009

Some of our more Elusive Pets

Spook Gives Rocco the Boot

Of course it would be nice to show pictures of each of my animals, but some are more difficult to photograph than others. Above you see our cat, attention-junkie Spook, nosing our gray cat Rocco aside. Spook, whenever possible, would rather not relinquish any human attention or camera time to another cat.

On the other hand, Jasmine, our calico cat, is very affectionate. In the following picture she's glad to have me pet her and photograph her, as long as it's okay for her to embed her claws in my hand:

Love Jasmine-Style

And finally Mr. Bear, below, would prefer to nap. He's got nothing against photography, he just wishes I would make an appointment with his secretary first.

Bear's Nap, Rudely Interrupted


Montana_Survivalist said...

I love your cinnamon roll. Will try to bake some when we come back to town tomorrow.

Nice pictures of the animals. I am starting a blog and its called Montana_Survivalist. Hope you can come and visit some time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Montana_Survivalist, I'm guessing that I know you. But even if I don't, I'm eagerly awaiting the debut of your blog, and I'll continue checking on it. Meantime, do try those cinnamon rolls!


Anonymous said...

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