Thursday, January 29, 2009

Helping the Economy One Splurge at a Time

This Christmas, in an attempt to help out our sadly beaten-down economy, we bought ourselves two big presents we could almost afford: a camera and season roller-derby tickets. Both will make their presence felt on this blog. We're using the camera to produce a never-ending series of pet pictures, and, as for the tickets, I'm eager to tell you about roller derby here in Portland Oregon.

But first the pets. I've put up a picture of Muttley, our Shepherd mix, previously. Since Muttley is only one of six pets, we'd better get started posting those pictures. Below is our St. Bernard, Bruno.

Bruno strikes a pose

And here is our lovely cat, Spookworth.


Aren't these gorgeous animals well worth the price of a camera? We think so, but maybe I'll also write down some of the techniques we've been using to save money. That's a central topic of interest for us these days as we attempt to recover our equilibrium after our splurge and continue to work on our long-term goal of paying off our credit debt.


Attila the Bun said...

Hi Flo-
Glad to see that you're back at the posting keyboard. Keep the pics coming. Maybe you can continue to do your patriotic duty to boost the economy by buying one of those snazzy photo printers. Then you can continue to keep helping by shelling out for expensive paper and cartridges.

Attila the Bun

kerstins blogg said...

Fina bilder