Thursday, May 1, 2008

Election '08: My Plan to Never Decide Ruined by Indecisive People

Voters in other states have failed to do their duty, and now for the first time ever I’ll have to cast a vote for the Democratic nomination for president in the Oregon Primary that may actually matter.

I couldn’t be more disgusted. I remember a time, recorded in this blog, when I wanted to think about Democratic politics. That inclination has since been thoroughly squashed, and since approximately late March I’ve just wished to hell it would all be over.

But nooooo, now I need to think about it whether I want to or not, because I need to decide who to vote for, Clinton or Obama. I confess that I kind of want to vote for Clinton just to thwart Obama supporters in Oregon. I suppose that makes me sound anti-Obama, but if that were so my choice would be easy. And I stated my objective accurately: it’s some of his freaky supporters I can’t handle. Supporters aside however, I like Obama more each day because his economic message sounds increasingly like Edwards: he wants to encourage businesses that provide work for Americans, and clean up corporate corruption. But then too I’m angry over the sexist way people have treated Clinton, and I’m impressed with her abilities and truly incredible determination. On the really negative side, however, she’s a bit of a corporate suck-up, and Obama’s a bit of a snob masquerading as an underdog.

So back and forth it goes, and you people from states that have already voted are to blame. Couldn’t you have been a little more decisive? I hate it when people can’t make up their minds.


29th Olympic Games Torch Relay Flame Protection Unit said...

While we're thrilled that you web-footed Oregonians will finally have some say in the operations of the Democratic party, we wonder why you're not more concerned about the destructive campaign that Senators Obama and Clinton are waging. Are you at all concerned that they are damaging each other enough to give Senator McCain an opening to actually win the national election?

If the candidate selected at the end of your tortured decision making process doesn’t get the nomination, are we safe in assuming that you’ll gladly vote for the other candidate (unlike some apparently large number of “bitter” Democrats)?

As former Secretary Rumsfeld is reported to have said, “Democracy is messy.”

Spotted Owl said...

Perhaps you should consider the position asserted by Dan Harris over on the China Law Blog. Although Mr. Harris is a lawyer, I try not to hold that against him. His post has a certain twisted logic that seems to mesh well with your own angst.

Flo Finklestein said...

Thanks Spotted Owl, I did enjoy reading the China Law Blog, so I was able to ignore that lawyer thing. I've added it to my list of interesting links.

Flo Finklestein said...

As to infighting among Democrats in Oregon: I'm not really concerned about it here or nation-wide. Once the election starts, people will forget all about it. If the evening news is any indication, we Americans can't remember what politicians said or did yesterday what's less the slight political differences that have emerged between Obama and Clinton.

But you raise a more interesting question minus that consideration: do I think that Senator McCain could win? Well YES. Much has been made of the country's slide toward the Left in reaction to the current "administration" (please ignore my anti-Bush mini-sarcasm, but I can't always fight the urge). But I think the national election will reveal a population still inclining toward the center of the spectrum, and ready to embrace the candidate who most resembles a savior, whatever his or her political persuasion.

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